Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Reasons why Moms are always the best!

I have compiled the many reasons why mothers are the best people in the whole world. Dads are too, but it is just that Moms have something extra compared to Dads. :)

1. Moms will always be there for you, even after you do stupid things and go against her wishes.

2. No matter how ugly you look, they still insist that you look nice.

3.They buy for you everything you ask for with little or no objection.

4. They love you unconditionally.

5. They entertain all you stupid and unreasonable requests.

6. They wake up at unearthly hours to feed you when you are sick.

7. They always know how to cheer you up.

8. They help you and expect absolutely nothing in return.

9. They will always forgive you no matter how badly you screwed up.

10. When you’re sick, they drop everything just to take care of you, even if it means not going to work for a day.

11.They are irreplaceable.

12.They really do know what is best for you, no matter how much you say otherwise.

13.They are the very few people in your life which you can tell everything and they won’t judge you.

14.Sometimes, when you hit rock bottom, they are the only ones standing next to you, holding your hand and helping you crawl out of it.

15.They are good listeners!

16. Nobody can be a better cook than ur mom! =)

17. They are the first person you run to when you can’t solve a serious problem.

18.They painstakingly carried you in their bellies for 9 months, gained a whole lot of weight because of you, got stretch marks because of you, endured blinding pain to get you out of their bellies and still, they give you everything.

19. They are such marvellous people, that I don’t think making a list of reasons on why they are great can justify why they are simply the best people on earth!

To those who are wondering how I’m doing, I’m actually doing great! =) No more cold, no more fever( for more than 24hrs), and i actually took kinda long to recover because I had gastric. Why I had gastric? Because I didn’t eat well on Sunday..:(.. I have learnt a new lesson, ‘Eat well when you are sick, even if you can’t taste the food and don’t have an appetite’.

I kinda want to go for the Vet lectures but……. Papa is working, and I have no one to send me to Uni, PLUS, it is raining heavily outside..:(

I shall just stay at home, finish up reading CNS. Get another day of rest..JUST in case…

And I’m also craving Nasi Briyani with Ayam Madu… but I’m suppose to be a vegetarian tomorrowla..but chances are I’ll be craving something else tomorrow.


Lady Sha Sha



Ixidor said...

Love this post about mums :)

Lady Sha Sha said...

I know..i just love Moms!!!

km-y said...

good to hear you're getting better. hope you recover fully soon so take care!

and yes! i agree with you on all your reasons about mums. but my dad is like that too! (except the reason stating 9 months of carrying you in the uterus).

hope to see you soon..! and eat well!

Siew Li said...

Our parents are awesome! Thank God for them!

Lady Sha Sha said...

Yea, the list kinda applies to Dads as well..and yea,our parents are awesome indeed!

Mommah Love said...

moms are great in taking care of kids. it has this feeling effect after all that stress.